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Figurative & Aviation ART BY HENK UITSLAG

Events and exhibitions

The Great War Pulchri Studio The Hage


Group exhibition Aviodrome Airport Lelystad

CNLS/ DAA 2016

Studio Pulchri

9 Contemporary Dutch artists, who were touched by the events of the First World War, show their vision in this unique exhibition. The exhibition is held from

21 October to 11 November 2018

at Pulchri, Lange Voorhout 15, The Hague

Studio Pulchri

9 Hedendaagse Nederlandse kunstenaars, die geraakt zijn door de gebeurtenissen van de Eerste Wereldoorlog, tonen hun visie in deze unieke expositie. De expositie wordt gehouden van

21 oktober tot en met 11 november 2018

bij Pulchri, Lange Voorhout 15, Den Haag


"Rescue Apperatus For Aeronautics"

Oil painting on Canvas (100 cm x 70 cm)

"Deadly Duel In The Clouds"

Oil painting on Canvas (100 cm x 70 cm)

"In Good Hands" First aid for the fallen angels.

Oil painting on Canvas (120 cm x 40 cm)


Zeppelin Staaken R-IV "Riesenflugzeug" London

Oil painting on Canvas (100 cm x 70 cm)

"Attack on Zeppelin L22 by Curtis H12 North of Terschelling"

Oil painting on Canvas (100 cm x 70 cm)

I've made a wing inspired by a BE2 aircraft to frame my works of art. These kind of woodframes are very fragile only when covered by canvas it's getting its strength. Just like peace. Peace is also fragile. The comon people (wooden frame) binded together by strong and wise leaders (The canvas) Without strong leaders war is not far away.

The men from Schlasta 6 are opening the exhibition with nice symbolic and in WW1 style.

Halberstadt IV WW1 plane from Schlasta 6

Oil on canvas (100 x 80cm)

Lid van / member

Twentse Realisten